How Connectix is different from other emails finder?

Most Email finder tools scrape webpages to find emails and save them within a database. When a user requests the emails related to a domain, These emails are sent to the user.

Some advanced tools like Hunter try to guess the pattern of an email like {first} or {first}.{last}

As these tools are not scraping data in real-time and you are usually facing the following issues:

  • No emails found for a given company
  • The prospects/emails do not match your persona
  • Most emails get bounced as they are invalid

To solve these issues, our team build Connectix:

  • Connectix find and scrape the contacts of a Linkedin page related to a domain in real-time
  • Our AI guess the right email pattern in 80% of the case and make sure all the emails are valid

What to insert in the field Functions?

The field "Functions" let you narrow down your search to target specific people within a company. you can also use boolean searches.
If you want to extract all the people working in Marketing you have to insert "Marketing" in the field.
If you want to extract people who work on Marketing or Founders, you will insert "Marketing OR Founder".

Calculation of credits

You have total control over the way you want to use your credits. To calculate the number of credit consumed, you multiply the number of domains to retrieve email addresses for * Number of employees to retrieve from Linkedin

Here are a few examples to help you in understanding how credits work:

  • If you want to retrieve the information of 3 prospects for 60 domains, you pay 60 * 3 = 180 credits
  • If you want to retrieve the information of 7 prospects for 40 domains, you pay 40 * 7 = 280 credits