Automatize your backlink outreach process at scale

Avoid spending out traffic time and resources on content. Acquire relevant backlinks to grow your traffic.


Do you feel like great content is not enough ?


Great content is just the beginning

Quality content is needed, but ranking in Google alone is not enough. Great backlinks will help you to stand out from competitors

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Go Highe Faster with 0 efforts

A page with a lot of backlinks ranks much higher on all major search engines, including Google. Our AI look for the best opportunity for you and find the right backlinks for you

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See your traffic growing month over month

BacklinkAI is like having an army of backlink builder experts within your team

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"Amazing tool to grow your traffic on autopilot. All startups of our program leverage this technology to scale faster"

Valentin — Co-founder Ikigai

"The perfect app to help our clients take the first position on Google. BacklinkAI saves us hours every weeks so we can focus on more strategic tasks"

Greg — Co-founder Remembr

Take the first position on some strategic keywords is the best way to promote and sell my book. backlinkAI brings me 2-10 high-quality backlinks every month and that makes a huge difference!

Mathieu — Les voyages de Mat

Why are backlinks so important ?

Backlinks help Google understand how safe, relevant and trustworthy your website is inside your niche.


No Backlinks, No Organic Traffic

When it comes to organic traffic, getting no backlinks to the website is practically the same as getting no website at all.

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Some backlinks makes you reachable

A few backlinks help your business in being more visible. Still, you don't have authority

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Overtake your competitors

A lot of great backlinks will make a BIIIIGGGGG difference for you and for your business

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How does it work ?

Smart AI extraction

Our AI identifies the best backlinks for your website and extracts all the emails. 200 unique and highly relevant prospects to outreach to each month using our AI algorithm

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Smart Outreach

Outreach with proven email sequences that convert into responses. You will recevie the answers diirectly in your inbox.

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